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“Affection makes me uncomfortable. It is hard for the kids because they have to witness the family fall apart and now they have to witness them with someone else. Keep their affection private to a degree but not making out on the couch.”

Little did I know that these “cool” psychic tidbits were actually a serious effort from the other side reaching across the veil trying to gain my attention so that I could relate this information to others; to bring hope and healing, and not to do a psychic trick. How embarrassed I was to think that I was becoming some Whoopi Goldberg “Ghost” type psychic! But soon, very soon, everything changed when the tidbits turned into heart breaking and heart healing readings that really had an affect on the sitters. It had grown way past entertainment and was getting real, real fast!

Be a "reflective" listener by making sure you completely understand what your partner has to say. Be honest, direct and focus on the real issue. If you enter a conversation insecure about conveying the real issue to your partner, you most likely will not make your point, but instead create an argument in which both partners feel powerless. The feeling of powerlessness leads to defensive behavior, which leads to arguments instead of resolution.

My mom, who had crossed over back in 1995, has been an active vistor in my life lately. Without her love and advice on relationships, I would have been lost. Other visitors included my departed grandmother who has dropped in to give me the same crazy advice she would have given when she was in earthly form. And the appearance of Foxy, my beloved red dog, has been very comforting during times I've been overwhelmed with missing her. And, there have been some very unexpected visitors.

In the early 70's the first aura camera appeared on the scene, the "Kirlian photography" system, a flawed system to be sure, but one which was exciting enough to inspire greater research into the technology eventually leading to the modern era of biofeedback-based HEF measuring aura camera instruments. This new equipment has supplanted the random color assignment at the base of Kirlian photography, with actual HEF-correlated aura colors, giving a more realistic image of a person's "aura" or "HEF", and thus empowering client and aura reader alike with real, measurable, information about the current state of the client's energy field. That's right folks, aura reading really is a science.

The uses of these magnets however, are not just constrained to use as personal artifacts. The high visibility of refrigerator doors in homes has resulted in corporations looking at these magnets as means for marketing. However, a typical fridge door more or less has around five magnets stuck on it. How does a company ensure that their magnet stands out? Firstly, conventional magnets tend to be square or rectangular and normally dull colored – thus not very eye catching. It is for this particular reason that companies have turned to shaped magnets – colorful and in unique shape, these magnets are proving to be an ideal tool for marketing.